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Open Source

The 305 Servers are Hosted on a Open Source Game called Minetest. (This Game Is Simlar To Minecraft.)

Oodles Of Mods

Our Servers are Packed Full of Interactive Mods. Find The Full List of Mods On our Forum!

Survive or Create

305 Servers Offer Several Game Modes, Check our our Survival Server or our Creative Server.

About our Servers

The 305 Servers are run on a Open Source Game called Minetest. This game is Simalar to Minecraft but with more Freedom given to Developers.

Minetest & Our Servers

To find out more about Minetest and how to Download visit https://Minetest.net

As of now there are 2 Servers to Choose From (More Coming Soon) Creative & Survival. Both the Servers Offer a wide varity of in game Mods. Some of the Mods are Weapons(Uzi,Assault Rifle,Pistole,RPG,FlairGun,Turret,Shotgun,Grenade,Grapple), Achievements, Change Skins, InGame Mail System (Minetest Mail) & Many More. Join One Of Our Servers Today!

How To Join The Action!

Follow the steps below to Download Minetest & Join the 305 Servers.

Download Minetest

Hop on over to the Minetest Website and Download the Latest Release of the Game. (Windows,Mac,Linux)

Installing & Familiarizing

Once your Minetest Download is finished Install It. To Learn more about Minetest and How the commands work we suggest you sign up on the Minetest Forum. Dont forget to drop a post on our Thread!

Picking A Server

Once you have Installed Minetest and Familiarized yourself with the basics it's time to choose a Server. If you like working your way through the grit and enjoy sudden unforseen obstacles 305Pink (Hardcore Survival) is the server for you. If you fancy the arts of Architecture 305Blue (Hardcore Creative) is the server for the maestro.

Joining a Server

Once you have knocked previous steps out, Boot up Minetest & Join A Server (Hardcore Survival) 305.pink:30001 - (Hardcore Creative) 305.blue:30000

Breathtaking Mods

305 Servers Have The Best Mods Around! Here are our User Favorites!


Guns, Crossbows, RPGs, Turrets - The Shooter Mod Brings FPS To Minetest.


It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No it's Ironman??? - The Skin Mod Allows you to change your Player Skin Direct From The Server.

Smart Shops

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush - Smart Shops Allow Players to set up there own shop and offer goods to other Players on the Server.

Achievement Awards

It's Over 9000!!! - The Awards Mod Allows Players to gain Achievements for completing In-Game Tasks.

Minetest Currency

$CASH MONEY$ - Minetest Currency allows users to trade In-Game Currency to buy Items,Weapons & Supplies.


"Cash Me Outside" - The MineMail Mod Allows Players To Message Other Players Online or Offline In-Game & Via Web Browser Across Multiple Servers.

IRC Members

Awesome Players

Active Mods

TOTAL Blocks Mined

Server Screenshots

Check out some Pictures from our Servers Bleow. 305Pink (Hardcore Survival) & 305Blue (Hardcore Creative)


Below is Our Rules and Some Frequently Asked Questions we Recieve

1.) No Griefing.
2.) No Hacking.
3.) No X-Ray.
4.) No Spamming.
5.) No Swearing.
6.) Play Nice.
7.) Have Fun!

Yes Minetest is 100% Free & Open Source. You Can Download Minetest from https://minetest.net

You can Join the 305 IRC Server @ irc.305.blue:6667

305Pink (Hardcore Survival) - [305.pink:30001]
305Blue (Hardcore Creative) - [305.blue:30000]

Download Minetest & Join The 305 Servers Today!

Download Minetest for Free at https://minetest.net and Join All The Action!

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